Since there is so much misinformation on the Internet, I will emphasize one point first.

By disinfecting the mask with alcohol, you're probably not only wasting alcohol, but you're just wasting the mask!

Masks are so scarce that it is almost impossible for the average person to change one or several masks a day, and it is important to know that the epidemic does not last just a week or two, but more than two or three months, so it is clear that many people will need to use masks repeatedly until the increased capacity of masks can meet the large scale of supply


For ordinary people, the mask can definitely be reused, the specific method is as follows: if not in and out of the high-risk environment, used mask in the room, hang up, leave it for two days before wearing, the risk is extremely low, conservatively speaking according to this method can be reused five times (or five days), ordinary people do not use the mask according to the 4-hour standard master, each time just folded up, keep the interior is not contaminated can be, can be used repeatedly.



Before making the decision to reuse the mask, we should first assess whether the mask user belongs to a high-risk group (elderly, sick, pregnant, etc.), whether it is impossible to avoid contact with a large number of strangers (drivers, security guards, couriers, people who have to use public transportation for commuting, etc.) and whether the user will have a strong psychological resistance. In short, manufacturers and doctors do not, in principle, recommend the reuse of masks, but in some cases the risk of reuse is not very high, this is a measure that can only be grasped by oneself, and it is important to act according to one's ability, young people can resist the virus but can still become a source of infection.




Treatment that should not be used.

(1) Water-related methods such as washing, steaming, ironing with an electric iron

Reason: Water vapor can damage the electrostatic layer of the mask, reducing the filtering ability of the mask. (Although a study in Taiwan showed that water vapor did not have a significant effect on the filtration performance of the N95 masks, I still don't think it's necessary to take that risk)

(2) Alcohol soaked or sprayed

Reason: will significantly reduce the filtering capacity of the mask, even more than the effect of water vapor (N95 is slightly better, medical masks are more affected), and alcohol itself is quite difficult to buy at this stage

Reason: There is metal inside the mask, the microwave is likely to catch fire and explode, and the microwave itself does not work to determine its disinfection effect.